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My Exclusive Listings

High-rise development site of the best mature community in Gateway Station in the center of Surrey


Original price: $55, 000, 000; Current price: $49, 880, 000!

One of the most appreciation potential places in Surrey! It’s hot! It is the fastest appreciation area in the Greater Vancouver! The land is 70, 348 sqft, the OCP floor area is 5. 5, and there is an additional potential Bonus Density 1. 1 floor area ratio, so it is expected to have a floor area ratio of 6. 6! The SkyTrain Station is nearby, surrounded by high-rise buildings and developed business districts! There are TD Bank, Shoppers Drug Mart, Food Market, Cafe, Gym, Dentist Clinic, Sports Park, Surrey City Library, Middle School, SFU University, Community Center, Large Comprehensive Business Center, all most everything! The community is mature! Quiet in the middle of bustling! Only one stop by SkyTrain from downtown Surrey! Quiet neighborhood, no big road, but next to the Gateway station! The modern buildings are all around, and it is definitely a scarce golden treasure! You can build magnificent skyscrapers similar to the surroundings! Great appreciation potential!

Specific project introduction:

Gateway Tower Phase I&II

The project is located in the center of Surrey, Gateway SkyTrain Station, the traffic is extremely convenient, the facilities are complete, the community is mature, and the geographical position is extremely superior.


Luxury Mansion in Vancouver West


Located in the South Granville District, west of Granville, near 41st Street, the quietest corner of the world's top luxury residential area of ​​more than $10 million! Absolutely perfect unique land! Next door is a super brand new mansion worth around $20 million! Which raise the price of luxury homes in this area again! The area of ​​this land is about 15, 000 sqft, the face width is 77 feet, and the depth is nearly 195 feet! It is located deep in the picturesque ADERA Street, surrounded by bright and flat trees. Just steps from Magee Secondary and Maple Grove Primary School. Very close to St Georges, Crofton and York House private schools and UBC. Nearly 3, 600 square feet of living space with 5 spacious bedrooms and 3. 5 bathrooms. Spacious and beautiful private backyard! Great for investors or builders to build your dream home. Perfect corner land in absolutely rare super luxury home area! A must see property!


Langley condo site


Price: $4, 800, 000

Site area is 28, 400. 00 sqft, a total of 52 units, construction type is wood frame. You can build 5 storey appartment, there are 80 parking spots, parking ratio is 1. 54; base floor space ratio is 2. 5 FSR. Buildable-residential area is 52, 421. 00 sqft, 85% efficency. Sellable-residential which is net buildable area is 44, 550. 00 sqft. Current sellable price per sqft is $575. 00 and estimate time to complete is 1. 5 years. The estimate revenu is $25, 616, 250 (44, 550 sqft@$575), with total develpment costs $18, 280, 599; the estimate profit would be $7, 335, 651! The site has been rezoned and the DP building permit could be obtained in only serveral months! For more information, please call 778-833-1688!


Burnaby Golden Location Entire Multi-Storey Apartment


Original price is 6, 380, 000$. The current price is 4, 380, 000$!

You can only buy an ordinary house in Vancouver West! It's better to invest in a multi-storey apartment a few minutes from Metrotown! It can also be rented, and you could build new multi-storey apartments with a higher floor area ratio! The best investment! The best location! Should not be missed! Decisive decision!

Investors look over! Burnaby Highgate District, close to Kingsway but in a quiet street! Rare land resources! Can build multi-storey apartments! Have cash flow! Both holding and rebuilding are suitable!

6XXX Arcola Street in South Burnaby.

ZoningRM-3(Multi-family residential)

rm3 zoning (high density development zoning)

lot size: 9, 000 sqft

2 storey, 10 units apartment building.

Total annual rental income from building around $130, 000 plus laundry income of $2, 000.

Fully renovated building. New roofs, new boiler and furnace and painting and laminate flooring. Very good location with good tenants.

Very Strong consistent cash flow location, good holding property with potential for mid-rise and high-rise development.


Potential high-rise development site with considerable rental income in the center of Burnaby


The asking price is only 4, 988, 000$! The next door neighbor is selling 6. 5 million! What is the best value for money, the best commercial property with the most investment value? Look down:

Breaking through the iron shoes, the most worthwhile investment in commercial properties is here! No need to look hard! This is the best investment opportunity you want! ! ! ! ! Smart investors must understand this truth! There are many properties with high rental returns, but most of them are in remote areas, on land. The income generated is more important for future development potential and huge value-added space! The potential for development is too small; the value-added space is too small, and more importantly, we don’t know how long it will take to be developed! This property is located in the center of Burnaby, the most central part of the city, and development opportunity is in no time!

The net rental yield of this property is 2. 7%. What is more valuable is that all expenses, including maintenance, are borne by the tenant! The more critical real investment value is that future government plans can be converted into high-rise buildings. The property is located in the prime location of Burnaby, with a land area of ​​7, 950 sqft. Facing the community center and main roads, it may be leased to day care owners and has long contract. The annual rent is about 165, 000$, and the net rental return rate is 2. 7%. At present, the government OCP regulations permit to build high-rise commercial residential mixed buildings with OCP of 4. 9. The average floor price per foot is about 115$. At present, the price of the builder's acquisition is 160-180$ per foot. Hold live for 2-3 years and you can have a profit of about 2 million. So smart investors, what are you waiting for? Hurry to call Naomi Personal Real Estate Business Department: 7788331688 for more information! Just look at which of you is the quickest, but don't say I didn't tell you about this good opportunity! The heart is not as good as action! The biggest magic weapon for successful people is execution!